History of the Company

Arthur Gerald Jessopp, Jerry to his friends, the enterprising founder of the company first started building in Dorset in 1947 and remained as chairman until his death in 1990. He was a self-made man who before the war worked for the local Gas Company as a plumber. As a reserve in the Territorial Army he was called up at the start of the Second World War and served for the duration.

Jessopp Close, Redhill Park, Bournemouth
Jessopp Close, Redhill Park, Bournemouth - 1957

Discharged in 1946 he returned to the Gas Company for a short period of time. He then decided to start his own business forming his first Company in 1947 and from this he built the family building business which continues to prosper. During those early years most of the work was made up of jobbing building throughout his home town of Bournemouth, carrying out alterations and extensions.

A great deal of this work involved the local hotels in the area. He then moved into housing for which he appeared to have a particular flair as demand quickly grew for his properties.

A G Jessopp buildings are meticulously built. This drive for perfection is evident in our major speciality - residential property. When acquiring any site great care is taken with the design and every effort made for the new development to blend with the existing surroundings and environment. Presently building in Dorset, Devon and Somerset A G Jessopp can offer first time homes for those just starting out giving value for money, something that will withstand time and hold its future value. Families will be interested in the spacious 3 and 4 bedroom houses. Also offered are bungalows in idyllic settings for those seeking an attractive, modern, easily run home where enjoyment of a hard earned retirement is assured while still maintaining independence.